School of Awakening Into Christ Consciousness (4 Week Course Hard Copy) by Jeremy Lopez
School of Awakening Into Christ Consciousness (4 Week Course Hard Copy) by Jeremy Lopez
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This course deals with how we are to see ourselves in Christ.

  1. How does Christ think towards us?
  2. What does 'thinking through His mind' really do inside of me?

The mind of Christ gives us the power to move mountains, shift paradigms, walk in glory and attracting and manifesting things through our desires of His will. In this course you will be taught how to think and manifest with His thoughts that work through you.

This course includes:

  • Welcome Letter from Dr. Jeremy Lopez
  • Course Syllabus
  • Prophetic Music Soaking Instruction
  • 12 Teaching Modules
  • 1 DVD Teaching
  • 1 Special Bonus Prophetic Music 


Week 1 - Co-creative Mind


CD1: Are We Really Co-creators?

CD 2: Going Beyond Human Thinking

CD 3: Biblical Secrets of Conscious Shifting


Week 2 - Attraction Through the Mind Christ



CD1: What Are You Attracting in Christ

CD2: The Power of Attraction and the Mind

** DVD: The Power of the Mind

CD3: Strengthening Your Spiritual Magnetism


Week 3 - Christ In You


CD1: Awakening the Christ Within

CD2: The Mystical Powerful You

CD3: How to Find Yourself


Week 4 - Now Thinking


CD1: Leaving the Shore of an Old Paradigm

** Book: The Power of Mindsets by Jeremy Lopez

CD2: Learning to Be Mindful in the NOW

CD3: Removing the Obstacles of Living in the NOW

Special Bonus: Prophetic Instrumental Music Cd:

Music: Emergence (Soaking CD) by Identity Network


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